LATEST: HAS been purchased.
Please be patient though, as some fucker ( has apparently decided it would be a fun idea to steal my money and not give me the vcr i paid for. Needless to say, i have made sure that all the forces of the FBI who were searching for Bin Laden are now searching for Gareth Stanton. Any body with information leading to his battering will be greatly rewarded(probably with a baseball bat or something). If anybody wants to come down to England with me to fire bomb his house, please feel free, as you should be aware, he is causing the much awaited death tank videos to be delayed. One of the main clips waiting to be put on is "the sneeze". Who could forget such a moment!

My USA section has been modified after all the american visitors complained of how i hated the US for saying things such as.."I am not anti-American", "USA has the LOWEST levels of literacy and numeracy of any 1st World country" (fact), "I do not have anything against the USA" among other things. if you note, at no point do i say i hate the US. I did however get all the "USA Rules" crap which is one of the reasons that september 11th happened. Anyways, to conform to the american vision of free speech, i have updated the section, and was not hacked, contrary to some claims. Its just me taking the piss. As always.  

NEWS: Geocities Temporarily closes the Death Tank Video Archive as it was being accessed too much!

It is back online now though. If you get any page can not be found in the death tank section, try again later. If anybody has recommendations for better free servers, then please let me know, as with the official launch looming, and national press eager to get their readers attention by publishing the link to such an ace site, server demand will be high. And as i got thru the 3GB/month barrier already(calculated hourly)...when it goes national..who knows?


This is NO LONGER the only website ANYWHERE with Death Tank Zwei Footage. As confirmed by me. Our fellow death tankateers at also have some footage, although no in game footage.

O  U  T.....  RAGEOUS.

Yes, unbelievable as it seems, i have done some stuff on my webpage. While the volume is not much...i do believe i have the first internet ready footage of death tank zwei. Such incredible feats do not come lightly....these videos are reasonably big (in excess of 1MB and need real player)..but be thankful for the wonders of compression...they were over 200MB(a touch nasty over a 56k connection) One important note: these were not real games. No real tanks were hurt. hang on...that was not what i meant. i meant that these are just videos of me controlling everyone rather than the true multiplayer game it is. (alas, knowing how to do all these techno-wizard computery things plays havoc with having any sort of actual life. just watch the film eXistenZ. that's a good documentary about us computer people don't ya know)

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